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之前有人問我,為什麼在VOODOO系統或HOODOO系統中很多時候常常見到他們用粉筆畫符號, 他们的符號是依據什麼理論而產生的呢,還是自己創出來的?

在這裡我這樣回答, 在系統中很多部分會被歐洲的古典魔法系統影響, 例如我前陣子說過的72魔神,所羅門王之鑰,摩西六七書,隱匿三書等, 在書中會提到"封 印"(seal),這些封印對VOODOO或是HOODOO有一定的引響,造就現在的所使用的特殊符號, 而這些符號往往表示特定的神靈,藉由這些符號封印來跟神靈連接, 我們稱之為using chalk in conjure(變戲法的粉筆),類似古典魔法中的招喚術, 但方法跟古典魔法比起來方便很多, 請想像一下那時的黑人物資有限,沒法準備那麼多的東西來進行 招喚神靈儀式, 所以在那樣的時代背景之下衍生出粉筆在地上畫出特定的符號進而招喚神靈

所畫出的符號會做些改變,但原由,我相信還是來至於西洋古典魔法與非洲各族的圖騰的融合, 所誕生出現在使用的符號



using chalk in conjure

i was taught as a young worker to use white chalk to mark my doors, my windows, and any work i needed to mark; you don't hear about the use of chalk in conjure work in this day and age. today most workers use what is called cascarilla, which is nothing more than powdered eggshells. cascarilla is used in voodoo, santeria, palo and other religions to mark things with. although new folks coming into conjure use cascarilla it is not part of conjure. when folks have never been taught something they incorporate things into the work that they do know about; because of this the use of chalk in traditional conjure work is dying out and being replaced with something else that is not hoodoo. i don't mean any disrespect to anyone i am just stating the facts. it's possible that cascarilla is used in new orleans style hoodoo but it is not used in traditional southern style conjure. i am a very traditional conjure worker, i don't like all these changes that i see being made. again i mean no disrespect to anybody, but if you went to georgia, mississippi, or south carolina, and asked old folks there what cascarilla was they wouldn't have a clue what you were talking about; unless they were on-line and read it somewhere; which i doubt.

every time someone removes something from the old way root workers have worked for many years they are changing conjure. whether they mean to do this or not it is being done. i think a lot of this has to do with not having the knowledge or i should say not having all the knowledge of some of the old works. it is human nature to want to change what we don't understand; humans always want change things to suit their needs. i think that the use of chalk in conjure is being lost because folks don't know about it or what to do with it; so it is now being replaced with cascarilla. i was told a couple months ago that i'm forgetting all old works that i know; i plan to rectify that now. i will be adding a lot of lot of old simple but powerful conjure tricks that i was taught as a young girl. i would love to see that use of chalk brought back into conjure and use like it was in the old days. there is nothing wrong with cascarilla but that is not traditional to conjure work, the use of cascarilla belongs to other systems.

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